Rebel The Raccoon Plush Car Seat Activity Toy by Sebra



Rebel the raccoon plush car seat activity toy by Sebra.  An entertaining activity toy for the car seat, pram or pushchair, which keeps children entertained and helps stimulate their senses.  The raccoon’s tummy has a small mirror so that the child can look at itself.  On the legs hang two teething rings to help those itchy gums during teething.  The child can look at the colours and feel the different textures – the tail contains crackly paper, which makes a funny noise when the child touches it, and when the raccoon moves, it makes the sound of rattling balls to keep the child entertained.  A C-ring at the top means you can fasten the toy, so it’s within reach of curious little hands and eyes.

Height 32cm.

Colour – Forest Lake.

100% Polyester with plastic teething ring and C ring – free of BPA, phthalate, PFOA, PFOS and formamide.

We love this ultra soft raccoon activity toy by Sebra.