Lola 72 Piece Set by Grapat



72 piece Lola set in the colours of the rainbow by Grapat.  The Lola set includes 12 big Lola, 12 mid Lola, 12 small Lola, 12 Tubes, 12 solid Tubes and 12 half Tubes.  Designed for versatility and the variety of game possibilities favouring creative and divergent thinking. The different types of tubes help the eye-manual development. Can be used as trees, buildings and cars, kaleidoscopes or as a constructions in imaginary worlds.  The Lola set also allows the development of logical-mathematical thinking through the classification, grouping and association of elements according to the colour and shape of the elements that compose it.  The mini Lola and the different tubes also encourage imaginative play and the creation of mini worlds.

Recommended age +36 months.

Made with Sustainable Wood. Non-toxic, water based colour stain.

Article manufactured under the safety standard EN71.

Product Code 20-212