Chloe Girl Doll (34cm Sleepy Eyes) by Minikane X Paola Reina



Chloe girl doll with sleepy eyes by Minikane X Paola Reina.  Anatomically correct doll lightly vanilla scented to smell like a newborn baby.  With moveable limbs and head and sewn on hair, the doll is manufactured from non-toxic Phthalates-free vinyl, which makes it soft and flexible to touch, and very resilient. The sleepy eye version has eyes that automatically close when she is laying down horizontally, and automatically open again when she is upright.

Chloe is made by Paola Reina and exclusive to Minikane.  Clothing available separately.

34cm tall.

100% non-toxic Phthalates-free vinyl.

Suitable for age 3 Years+.

We love this sweet doll by Minikane.