Carousel Games Compendium Box Set by Janod



Carousel games compendium multi game box set by Janod.  50 games in a fairground attraction theme box with beautiful and colourful illustrations.  The perfect box set for hours of fun with family and friends. 

Contains: 1 Goose game, 1 Ludo game, 1 game of Draughts, 1 Yellow Dwarf game, 1 Happy Families game, 1 pack of 54 cards, 5 dice and instructions and rules for 50 games to play with the sets provided.  All gaming pieces and the dice are made of wood.  The rules of the game are in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

25cm x 15.8cm x 4.5cm.

Made from Wood and Cardboard.

Recommended for 5 Years+.

We love this bumper games compendium by Janod.